Languages on the Vane (2015-2018)

A documentary film about the vanishing Carpathian German minority in Slovakia

Reminiscencie in co-operation with the Slovak Radio and TV, the Comenius University in Bratislava and the Goethe Institute in Slovakia produces documentary film based on s.c. language biographies of the representants of the slowly diminishing Carpathian German language richness in Slovakia. The history of the Carpathian Germans in Slovakia was from the end of the WW2 till now subject of hate, violence, hesitation and later simplification to their folklore traditions. Jozef Tancer, a germanist from the Comenius University in Bratislava is looking for dying out German dialects, which have been shaped in the unique form in the territory of today's Slovakia for more than 700 years. His scientific interest becomes more and more personal. Through the unknown, stranded stories he learns about dramatic events that brought the Second World War and the principle of collective guilt into the present life of the Carpathian German minority. The “music” of “correct” German language, influenced by local vocabulary, syntax and both local and global history are living testimonies of Slovak, German and European cultural diversity.

Work in progress video and examples of language biographies on demand.

Photo©Anna Grusková and the Slovak National Archives