Life for Theatre (52´)

We demand justice for those who did not want to give up the ideal

Poster by Andrej Kolenčík

The documentary brings closer five extraordinary personalities from the Czechoslovak theatrical history who were fatally trappped by their passion for their profession and the society in which they lived. In the magical environment of the theatre archive, young experts open the cases of Oskar Nedbal, Viktor Šulc, Ján Jamnický, Magda Husáková-Lokvencová and Blaho Uhlár.


Cinematography: Ivo Miko Script: Anna Grusková Editing: Rado Dúbravský Sound: Dušan Kozák Executive producer: Soňa Komová Original idea: Anna Grusková Dramaturgy: Ondrej Starinský, Peter Balko

Production Reminiscencie, scenario and direction Anna Grusková

The film was supported by Audiovizuálneho fondu

©Reminiscencie Slovak Radio and Television a Slovak Film Institute 2020


Photo by Anna Grusková