Gold and red. The Gwerk couple (2018-2020)

A film poem about love and death in Banská Štiavnica.

The two educated, active people, arrived in the old mining town in the mountains - Banská Štiavnica - in the autumn of 1938. He, Edmund Gwerk, a native of Štiavnica, an outstanding painter, Buddhist and Communist, deeply interested in spiritual and social dimension of art. She, Alžbeta Goellnerová Gwerková, of Jewish origin, is one of the first literary scientists in Slovakia, strictly devoted to ideals of a democratic and gender well ballanced society. She has just published a book on the emancipation of a woman, leaving her career as a literary scientist in the capital, becoming a high school professor in small Štiavnica. After the suppression of the Slovak National Uprising, which they both joined, everything was different. She died in December 1944 in a mass grave in Kremnička. He survived. After the WW2, he became a Communist official, chairman of the Local National Committee.

Parts of the film will be played by young actors who can emotionally approach the dynamic relationship of the extraordinary couple. The dialogues of the fictional scenes will be based on mutual correspondence, Gwerk's diaries and on the books by Alžbeta Goellnerová Gwerková. The visual concept of the film will create a dialogue of the Gwerk's paintings of the exteriors and interiors with the images of the contemporary Banská Štiavnica.

The development of the film is supported by the Audioviovisual Fund and Town Banská Štiavnica.